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Rhinoplasty as it is known by its medical term, or as nasal surgery, or its popular term nose job, is a procedure performed to restore either form or functionality to the nose. Re-contouring the nose is an effective way to address breathing problems or to improve the appearance of the nose. A Northfield rhinoplasty at our facility can address an irregular nose structure that may be the result of trauma or hereditary factors to provide the following benefits.


There are many different reasons why someone would get a nose job. Most of the time it is to fix a certain aspect of the nose that they do not care for: the nose is too wide or has a bump, perhaps the tip is bulbous or pointy or droops downward. There are many different aspects of the nose’s form that could bother a patient and that is all up to personal preference. Most of the time, patients undergo rhinoplasty because a certain aspect of their nose has always bothered them.

The procedure shouldn’t be done for anyone else. Another reason that a person might consider nose job surgery is because of an issue with functionality, such as a deviated septum. The procedure to correct this is referred to as a septoplasty. In that case, the surgeon may just correct the septum or could also fix the exterior during the same procedure, which is referred to as a septo-rhinoplasty. It is very important to remember that no two noses are like. It takes the particular cosmetic surgeon’s artistic ability to contour the nose to complement the entire facial structure. The overall result of a rhinoplasty procedure varies greatly depending upon the selected surgeon and the way that the body heals. It is very important to look at patients’ before and after rhinoplasty photos at the office so that you are able to determine whether or not your aesthetic preference aligns with that of the cosmetic surgeon that you have chosen.

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A rhinoplasty can address an irregular nose structure that may be the result of trauma or hereditary factors to provide the following benefits:

  • Increased or decreased length or width of the nose size
  • Alteration of nostril shape or span
  • Alteration of the bridge of the nose to remove a hump
  • Correction of the tip of the nose that may be too wide or narrow
  • Modification of the tip of the nose to modify its angle
  • Correction of nasal deformities
  • Correction of structural irregularities that cause breathing problems

Because the nose provides structure to the entire face, an irregular nose contour, such as a weakly defined or overly prominent nose may upset the symmetry of the face. Rhinoplasty surgery can alter the shape of the nose to bring it into better proportion and balance with other facial features. Unquestionably, a rhinoplasty procedure requires an experienced surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgery of the face, is skillful in sculpting principles and commands extensive experience with a wide aesthetic range. More patients from diverse backgrounds are seeking cosmetic nasal surgery which will look natural with their facial features, ethnicity and individuality. A careful evaluation and diagnosis will reveal the specifics of the anatomy of the nose and its proportionality to the face. Extensive analysis and detailed planning is an integral component of nose job surgery if it is to provide a natural fit to the specific facial bone structure and individuality of the facial features.


The rhinoplasty recovery time varies depending on how much is done to the nose. The more that is altered, the longer the recovery time. The individual’s metabolism and ability to heal also plays a large part in how long the bruising and swelling will take to subside. While technically the nose does not fully heal until a year after the procedure, in reality the nose is about 90% recovered after just three months. The last nine months of healing merely include slight refinements, such as the remainder of the swelling going down in the tip so that the nose is slightly narrower by the end. Sometimes patients who are not happy with their nose job surgery after six months or so do not realize that the full results will take nearly six more months to be seen. If you are considering a nose job revision, it is a very good idea to wait until at least a year following the procedure so you have a better idea of the final results.

Northfield rhinoplasty model


Rhinoplasty before and after results can be quite subtle or more dramatic depending upon the desired effect and who performs the surgery. The best way to guarantee a successful nose job is by doing ample research to select the best cosmetic surgeon in your area.

The right surgeon to choose should be based upon a plethora of factors that include excellent peer and patient reviews, good credentials and an artistic aesthetic that aligns with the patient’s vision. Sometimes individuals undergo rhinoplasty procedures for elective reasons and sometimes it is to correct a medical issue, such as a deviated septum. It is very important to do a lot of research so that you are satisfied with your nasal surgery. Nose jobs should be done by an expert surgeon with an artistic eye. The patient places a lot of faith in the hands of the surgeon.


During your consultation for a rhinoplasty Northfield plastic surgeon, Dr. Geroulis, will evaluate the method and technique that will produce the best results for your specific features. During a nose surgery procedure, the incisions are hidden inside the nostrils so there is no visible residual scarring. Once the skin is separated from the supporting nose cartilage and bone, artistic re-sculpturing and re-contouring takes place with considerable expertise, in order to achieve a natural and realistic look.


Board-certified Northfield cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Geroulis, is an accomplished artist and clinical professor of surgery at University of Chicago Medical Center. Dr. Geroulis has been specializing in facial cosmetic surgery for over three decades with a focus on rhinoplasty surgery procedures in Chicago. During our Northfield rhinoplasty consultation, patients can also look at former patients’ rhinoplasty before and after photos in order to get a much clearer idea of Dr. Geroulis’ unique aesthetic.

Typically, a rhinoplasty procedure at Dr. Geroulis’ surgical facility costs between six and fifteen thousand dollars. This fee includes but is not limited to anesthesia, operating room costs and follow up appointments for up to a year after the surgery. There can be many hidden fees that some cosmetic surgeons do not divulge to the patient. At Dr. Geroulis’ surgical facility, patients are very well informed from the start. The North Shore Center for Facial, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is located in Northfield. The facility services patients throughout Illinois to achieve the most innovative, natural looking results. Contact the facility to explore your options with Dr. Anthony Geroulis for the most advanced nasal surgery procedures on the North Shore. For those considering a rhinoplasty Northfield area residents and visitors are encouraged to call 847-441-4441 to schedule a consultation.

Northfield rhinoplasty model
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