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There are two types of cosmetic surgical procedures that address signs of aging around the eyes. Many men and women experience drooping skin above their eyes due to a decrease in the skin’s elasticity as they age.

Upper eyelid surgery (or upper blepharoplasty) is a short and delicate eye rejuvenation procedure that involves a cosmetic surgeon carefully removing excess skin from the upper eyelids. Sometimes men and women also have puffy upper eyelids due to their genetics, and a cosmetic surgeon can remove a selected and controlled amount of fat through discreet and hidden incisions. Lower eyelid surgery (or lower blepharoplasty) is another short eye rejuvenating procedure that is designed to refresh the tired, puffy under eye area while dramatically improving the eye’s appearance and contour. One of the best techniques for lower eyelid surgery is the “transconjunctival approach,” which involves a cosmetic surgeon removing fat deposits from the under eye region without leaving a visible scar.


Lower eyelid surgery, also referred to as lower eye lift or lower blepharoplasty, can rejuvenate and refresh puffy, tired looking eyes, dramatically improving their appearance, prominence and contour, without altering their natural expression. As we age, bone and skin changes may result in the eyes looking sunken, tired, puffy, and wrinkled.

This can convey an angry, sad, sleep-deprived or weary expression that may not reflect our inner mood or state of being. The delicate structures of bone, skin, and tissues of the eyelid area provide the expression of our mood and emotions. The aim of eye rejuvenation is to subtly refine these structures of tissue, bone, fat and skin that have become out of balance by skillfully removing, or re-contouring these tissues to restore the harmony that was once there.


Fatty deposits located in the lower eyelid area, can cause unattractive puffy bags, pouches and bulges, commonly referred to as “bags under the eyes.” They may occur alone or in combination with the sagging of excess skin in the same lower eyelid area. Puffy bags under the eyes is a result of an inherited tendency toward too much fat for perfect contour, as well as an increased visual laxity of the retaining skin structure. Because it is structural fat, diet or weight loss will have no effect. The most effective procedure for lower blepharoplasty is one which removes a selected and controlled amount of fat through discrete and hidden incisions.

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There are a few different techniques that may be used for blepharoplasty to the lower eye. The older, more common approach involves inserting the incision under the eyelashes and subsequently removing the fat and sometimes skin. This method has reported some complications with vision.

This technique is very effective in correcting the lower eyelid; however there are risks involved with this technique, and the visible incision leaves a small white scar. Chicago-based, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Geroulis helped pioneer an approach to lower eyelid surgery called the “transconjunctival technique”. This approach, that accesses the fatty deposits of the lower eye from the interior skin side of the eyelid, leaves no visible incision. Dr. Geroulis utilizes this approach and has had incredible results. “This technique is, to the best of my knowledge, one of the safest techniques in the hands of a competent surgeon with no reported cases or any complications with vision,” explains Dr. Geroulis, clinical professor of surgery at University of Chicago Medical Center.

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During the Northfield lower blepharoplasty, transconjunctival technique procedure, the fatty pads or bags are expertly removed; a selected and controlled amount of fat is taken out and the skin re-contours to accomplish a natural appearance in overall eye rejuvenation. This unique and technically advanced approach, was further developed and refined by Dr. Anthony Geroulis, professor of surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. This innovative approach to lower blepharoplasty Chicago style procedures, performed for patients throughout Illinois, has earned renowned status across the country and overseas. It requires both a mastery of surgical skill in facial cosmetic surgery and experience in artistic creativity in order to achieve natural looking results. A lower lid blepharoplasty with the transconjunctival approach, if performed expertly, can be one of the most discrete, effective and rewarding procedures for face rejuvenation, dramatically enhancing the attractiveness and shape of the eyes for a smoother, more refreshed and relaxed look.

In some men and women, diagnosis of a lower blepharoplasty may be accompanied with fat repositioning. This technique is applied when the protrusion of lower eyelid fat is associated with a depression or hollowing over the cheekbone, producing a circle effect. If the fat is removed, this may accentuate the hollowed and “depleted” look to the entire eye area. Instead of the removal of fat, it is expertly re-positioned to accomplish a more evenly balanced, smoother and flatter result for the skin around the lower eye. In such cases, repositioning or redistributing the existing fat in this area, reduces the bags and fills in the depressions, in one procedure. With this technique the surrounding eye area retains its youthful fullness. With a lower blepharoplasty procedure with fat-repositioning, the incision is made inside the lower eyelid and is therefore not visible.

Other corrective procedures may be performed at the same time as the re-balancing or removal of fat. With the aging process and years of facial movement, the muscle (known as the orbicularis muscle) that lies beneath the eyelid skin may weaken, losing its tone and can manifest itself in unattractive bulges beneath the skin. Specialist techniques for correction will include the trimming and tightening of this muscle to enhance support and result in naturally looking, more youthful eyes, which is a common procedure that patients request at Dr. Geroulis’ surgical facility on the North Shore.

A lower eye lift Chicago surgery with either fat removal or repositioning, may be performed individually or in conjunction with other facial procedures. Popular and effective treatments that tend to be combined with a lower eyelid blepharoplasty may include either an eye lift where there is excess skin weighing down on the upper lids, a resurfacing physician peel, laser treatment to obtain smoother skin around the eye area with less wrinkles, or a face and neck lift to address excess sagging skin in the areas of the cheek, jaw line and neck area. During your consultation for lower eye lift surgery in Northfield, Dr. Geroulis will evaluate the approach and technique most appropriate for your facial structure.


Blepharoplasty to the lower eyelid is a relatively short and painless procedure – patients can return to work and their other normal routines just a few days following the surgery. Typically, patients return to Dr. Geroulis the day following their procedure and a few more times in the following weeks. Bruising and swelling can last about a week, but the worst of it is usually over after 48 hours. Many individuals combine lower blepharoplasty with another facial rejuvenation procedure such as a facelift or forehead/eyebrow lift.


The role of the cosmetic surgeon is to harmonize a person’s visual perception of their face with the youth they feel on the inside. An upper blepharoplasty procedure, also known as upper eyelid surgery or upper eye lift procedure, utilizes delicate surgical techniques that allow men and women to modify the appearance and signs of aging around the eyes, without disturbing the natural expression of the whole face.

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Eyelid drooping happens when there is an excessive amount of upper eyelid skin due to a loss of elasticity. Puffy upper eyelids may be the result of an inherited tendency to have excess fat in this area combined with a visual laxity of skin. Because it is structural fat, any diet or weight loss will have no effect in this area.

The most effective procedure is blepharoplasty to the upper eyelid which removes a selected and controlled amount of fat through discrete and hidden incisions. Upper eyelid surgery is an eye rejuvenation procedure that addresses the excess skin of the upper lid that begins to droop and sag as we age. While the amount of excess skin could be related to genetics, it is often something that affects individuals as they age and their skin loses some elasticity. Sometimes, men or women have puffy upper eyelids which very well may be a result of their genetic make up.

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Upper blepharoplasty surgery addresses the structural fat of the upper eyelid, the kind that cannot be altered or improved by diet or exercise, in order to open up the eyes and restore balance and harmony to the face. An upper eyelid surgery can improve the entire facial structure: patients look younger, happier and more vibrant. Upper eye lift is typically the first step or intervention against early signs of aging. Patients as young as 35 years old have undergone this eye rejuvenation procedure. It is impossible to say the “right” time for someone to undergo upper eyelid surgery because everyone’s eyes and entire face age at a different rate.


A finely performed upper blepharoplasty removes excess skin from the upper eyelids, corrects a drooping eye appearance and restores the natural oval shape to the eye in one procedure. When the eyelids are too heavy, if there are large folds of skin that weigh on the eyelids and impede the opening of the eye, or when the excess upper eyelid skin is accentuated by an internal pocket of fat that causes an unattractive swelling, a tired, sad and weary appearance may result, permanently. This form of blepharoplasty, upper eyelid surgery or upper eye lift, can dramatically improve the appearance, prominence and contour or the eyes, restoring a happier, more vibrant expression to the eyes and a rejuvenated appearance to the overall face.


Upper eyelid surgery is a short procedure. It only lasts about an hour and can make an enormous difference to the overall balance of the face. The procedure is not painful and at the most there is mild discomfort. Swelling and bruising are the side effects which may last for about a week, although they diminish greatly after just a few short days. Many individuals who are patients of Dr. Geroulis combine the procedure with a lower eyelid surgery, facelift or forehead/eyebrow lift for even better results.


Blepharoplasty demands a surgeon with an excellent knowledge of the orbital zone and eyelids, a mastery of operatory technique and a meticulous, preoperative analysis of the issues to be addressed. Considered the first anti aging intervention for men and women, this procedure is popular for those from 35 to 80 years of age: eyelids are the first facial feature to display signs of facial aging. During your consultation for a blepharoplasty Northfield plastic surgeon, Dr. Geroulis, will evaluate the approach and technique most appropriate for your facial structure.


Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Geroulis has been specializing in facial cosmetic surgery, especially eyelid procedures, for over three decades. Patients who visit his surgical facility in Northfield receive the utmost care by Dr. Geroulis and his dedicated medical staff.

The result of any North Shore Northfield eyelid surgery of ours is a facial appearance which is dramatically improved, with eyes that are rejuvenated and vibrant. Dr. Geroulis, who is an accomplished and active sculptor and a clinical professor of surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center, uses his experience and refined aesthetic to perform beautiful eye rejuvenation procedures. As a professor of surgery at the University of Chicago, Dr. Geroulis treats patients throughout Chicago and the North Shore at his private surgical facility, the North Shore Center for Facial, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. To explore your options for a blepharoplasty Northfield plastic surgeon, Dr. Geroulis, encourages residents to call 847-441-4441 to schedule a consultation at North Shore Center, or schedule online.

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