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Retinol: Anti-aging in a Bottle

Retinol: Anti-aging in a Bottle

There are many treatments to help fight the hands of time: chemical peels, micro-needling, microdermabrasions, laser skin resurfacing – to name a few.  But what happens at home when you can’t make it into your favorite spa?  Cleansing and moisturizing at home are great but it simply doesn’t aid in treating fine lines and wrinkles.  After exposure to the sun during the summer months, your skin may feel dry or dull, or you may be experiencing uneven skin tone.  Ultraviolet rays penetrate into our skin breaking down collagen and damaging elastin fibers that keep our skin plump and firm – causing wrinkles.  Ultraviolet rays also affect the cells that control skin pigment (melanocytes) which can cause brown spots or “age spots” to appear on the skin.    

Fall is the perfect time to begin a nighttime regimen with Retinol.

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A which is used to gently exfoliate the skin by increasing cellular turnover.  It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to help achieve smoother, firmer, and more evenly toned skin.   Trans-retinol is combined with green tea polyphenols to efficiently deliver retinol into the skin without irritation.  It helps support cell turnover to reduce the appearance of age spots, improve skin texture and tone, and promote a collagen-rich appearance.  Retinol can be easily incorporated into anyone’s nighttime routine because it is emollient and rich with hyaluronic acid so there is no transitional dryness phase like traditional Retin-A creams.

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